Proposed changes to the IBE Constitution and Bye-laws

Dear Full Members!

On 17th June, the IBE Secretary General, Sari Tervonen, wrote to you to notify you of proposed changes to the IBE Constitution and Bye-laws, which had been approved by the IBE International Executive Committee. The documents circulated included the Constitution and Bye-laws with the proposed changes highlighted, together with a document explaining the rationale for these proposed amendments. These documents are attached below.

I am now writing to you, on behalf of the Secretary General, to invite you to ballot on the proposed changes. You will find the ballot form attached. Please note the following:

The IBE International Executive Committee recommends that Full Members vote ‘FOR’ the resolution to make the changes to the Constitution & Bye-laws

The closing date and time for balloting by email is Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 16:00 CET.

Full Members attending the International Epilepsy Congress in Istanbul on 8th September may ballot in person at the time of the IBE General Assembly on 8th September or in advance by email. However, each Full Member may only submit one ballot paper.

All ballots must be submitted on the attached form, duly completed. The ballot form does not require an original signature but should be completed by a person authorised to cast votes on behalf of the association.

Only those Full Members in good standing with dues paid for 2015 and with no other outstanding dues payments are entitled to vote (Article X Clause 2 of the Constitution).

For members whose dues payments are met by the Solidarity Fund, you are requested to ensure that you have completed and submitted the relevant Dues Form for 2015 (circulated earlier this year), indicating that your association still meets the criteria for membership. You may request a copy of this form by emailing the IBE:

The resolution to make changes to the Constitution & Bye-laws requires a 2/3 majority vote ‘FOR’ in order for the amendments to be adopted. Your participation therefore is vital.

One of the duties of IBE members, as detailed in the Constitution, is to ‘participate as fully as possible in all relevant IBE activities, especially meetings and ballots’. You are therefore urged to participate in this ballot, which will introduce important changes to how IBE operates and which will facilitate continuance of expertise on the International Executive Committee and greater involvement in IBE’s elections.

If you have any queries on any aspect of this ballot, or require clarification on the ballot process, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,

Ann J Little

Executive Director

International Bureau for Epilepsy (

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